The Government of Sierra Leone Signs 17.5 Million Euro Grant Financing Agreement with the German Government to Support Youth Empowerment

On Friday, 2nd February 2024, the Minister of Finance, Sheku Fanta Madi Bangura, on behalf of the Sierra Leone government, signed a 17.5 million Euro grant financing agreement to support the Pro-Poor Peace Consolidation Growth Project (GPCYE).

The Deputy Financial Secretary of the Multilateral Project Division, Morrie Momoh, who served as chairman of the ceremony, in his introductory statement, welcomed the team from Germany and thanked the Ambassador and the German government for their continued support to the government and people of Sierra Leone.

Mr Momoh continued that this is not the first time KFW, through the German government, has supported programs that align with the priorities of the government of Sierra Leone.

He said this grant will support programs implemented by the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA).

In his statement, the Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) Amb. Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina explained they had implemented GPC 1, 2, 3 and now GCPYE, which seeks to address the component of Youth Empowerment and the Feed Salone initiative of His Excellency the President Julius Maada Bio.

The Commissioner added that the GCP has been instrumental in supporting farmers through the Ministry of Agriculture in Kambia, Falaba, Kainadugu, Portloko, and Kono, and now with GPCYE would be extended to Bo, Bonth and Moyamba.

Hannah Detmering-Segoin, a representative of the KFW, added that the government of Sierra Leone has come a long way with them in partnership and, therefore, assured government officials present of their continued support and collaboration.

The German Ambassador, Jens Kraus-Masse, assured Sierra Leone of deepening cooperation and collaboration with the government of Sierra Leone and thanked NaCSA for their excellent job.

The Minister of Finance, Sheku Fanta Madi Bangura, expressed appreciation for the grant, stating that they always welcome the support that complements the work of the government in trying to reduce poverty through agriculture and job creation.

He emphasised that the component of the Pro-Poor Growth for Peace Consolidation for Youth Empowerment is strongly aligned with the vision of the President Agenda in providing 5,000 jobs.

He further acknowledged NaCSA’s good job and said this grant would free up space in the budget execution of the activity’s lineup for the Fiscal year 2024.

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