The Food System Resilience Program (FSRP) Project Team briefed the Ministry of Finance Leadership on project implementation

The West African Food System Resilience Program (FSRP) project team recently briefed the Ministry of Finance leadership on the progress in the implementation of the project and ways to address challenges to avoid delays in meeting the stipulated date of closure of the project.

During this briefing, the (FSRP) World Bank Team Lead Dr. Adelunji Oredipe, stated that the project is a $135 Million project approved on the 29th of July 2022 and is expected to run through 30th September 2028.

Dr. Adelunji Oredipe stated the five components of the project that seek to strengthen digital advisory services for farmers through building and operationalising the Food and Nutrition Security Early Warning System (FNS-EWS) and building infrastructure and systems of the public institutions with the mandate to collect and disseminate early warning data nationwide.

He further stated that the project will also enhance the adaptive capacity of the research system and sustainably build the food system’s productive base of the country, to promote regional food market integration and trade with an emphasis on cassava and rice, to focus on the residual contingency emergency response activities mainly NaCSA and project management, finance, procurement, and M&E.

Dr. Adelunji Oredipe also said that so far disbursements rate stands at 29% of the total grant amount with the total disbursed by the end of 2023 being $24.9 Million and disbursements as of April 2024 being $13.7 Million.

Dr. Adelunji Oredipe reported that the project has made progress in all of the components attached to it and has supported over 36,000 farmers for the production of onions, and cocoa and will reduce food importation in the country.

The Acting Financial Secretary, Samuel E. Momoh in his statement thanked the project team for the hard work and mentioned that this project would help the government with the ”Feed Salone” program.

He urged the team to speed up the implementation and keep to the stated timeline of the project closing.

Present at this meeting is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security, Senior Staff of the Ministry of Finance, etc.

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