Parliament Enacts Wages and Compensation Commission Act 2023

Members of parliament of the Republic of Sierra Leone on Thursday 6th April 2023 unanimously enacted the Wages and Compensation Commission Act 2023.

Presenting the bill to members of Parliament, Minister of Finance, Sheku Fantamadi Bangura indicated that the Wages and Compensation Commission (WCC) would provide for payroll reforms, harmonisation of pay and remuneration across the public sector and the alignment of the multiple pension laws.

He further stated the WCC would be solely responsible to determine wages and compensation for the public sector, local government, donor-funded projects and state-owned enterprises.

The Minister Intimated members of parliament that the WCC is aimed at realigning the pay and grading system to correct the existing distortions and decompressing the pay structure; rationalise staffing in the public sector by the elimination of redundant posts, redundant staff and filling critical skills gaps; and gradually raising pay and compensation to competitive levels to be financed partly from savings resulting from restructuring and, partly through affordable and sustainable adjustments to the public sector personnel wage bill.

These payroll reforms and harmonisation will cover the entire public sector including Civil Service, Teachers, Health Care Workers, Tertiary Education Institutions, and Subvented Agencies among others.

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