Sahr L. Jusu is the Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Republic of Sierra Leone. As Financial Secretary, he is the Government’s principal adviser on economic and financial policies. He is the professional and administrative head of the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Sahr Jusu is also an International Development Association (IDA) Borrower’s Representative, a body which represents the views and interests of recipient countries during the IDA cycle, particularly with regards to replenishment negotiations and mid-term reviews.

Prior to his appointment as Financial Secretary, Sahr L. Jusu was the Director of Public Debt Management Division (PDMD) in the Ministry of Finance for over 12 years; a position he held until his appointment as Financial Secretary in April 2019.

 Sahr L. Jusu started his career in the public sector in 1994 in the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning before joining the Ministry of Finance in 1998.  He holds a Masters degree in Economic Management & Policy from UN-IDEP, Dakar, Senegal; an MA. in Public Administration and an Edward S. Mason Fellow in Public Policy  from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University , USA.

He is father to Sahr Mahugbe Jusu.