Financial Secretary Hosts ICAI Review Team

The Financial Secretary Sahr L Jusu and the Team at the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday 28th September 2021 play host to a team from the International Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) on a review mission on the UK and World Bank’s International Development Association.

According to the Team Lead Dr. Tamsyn Barton, the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) is responsible to scrutinise the UK aid spending to ensure that the aid is effectively spent on those who need it most and delivers value for money for the UK taxpayers.

She furthered that the International Development Association (IDA) is part of the World Bank Group and provides one of the most important multilateral channels for development assistance for the world’s poorest countries.

Stating the UK has been the largest bilateral donor to the last two IDA replenishment for IDA18 (2018-2020) of 2.5 billion pounds and IDA19 committing another 2.5 billion pounds.

He continued that as a major donor to IDA, UK seeks to ensure that IDA’s operations are aligned to UK development priorities and that it makes the most effective use of its resources and that the World Bank continues to build its capacity as a development agency.

The purpose of the review is to assess the value for money of the United Kingdom’s contribution to IDA and the approach will include literature reviews, consultations, desk reviews among others.

Speaking to the team in his office, the Financial Secretary Sahr L. Jusu welcomed the team to Sierra Leone by stating that World Bank through the IDA has contributed a lot to the development of the country through funding of various projects and direct budget support.

He furthered that the Bank has improved its interaction with countries through its decentralized approach with the country manager and country director staying at the same time one thereby increasing interaction and fast-tracking feedback and decision making.

In his statement, Alpha Sesay Team Lead at the Project Fiduciary Management Unit stated that the procurement portal system has been very instrumental in fast racking project procurement that has been a very big challenge over the years. He also stated that there has been a general increase in funding for various portfolios and diversified in various sectors.

Stating that Lots of emphases are been placed on safeguards on the environment and social issues, climate change equity, and inclusiveness.

In his submission, Mathew Dinge Principal Deputy Financial Secretary stated that the Bank has eliminated the issues of counterpart funding which according to him has been problematic in project implementation especially infrastructure projects.